2mm Platform - Red

Cerec (CS)

  • Abutment for chairside fabrication of cemented or screw retained ceramic prostheses using CEREC technology
  • Scan bodies for Bluecam S and Omnicam S available for a digitized implant positioning and abutment placement
  • Anti-rotational scan body assured by a notch at the base of the abutment
  • Circular platform of the abutment fullfills the highest esthetic demands
  • Abutment cylinder height ensures a good cemented connection of the milled Zirconium structure
  • 1.5° conical connection for stability and bacterial seal
  • Variable:
    Available in various gingival heights
    (GH) 0.5 - 1.5 mm
    Diameter: 4.0 mm 
  • Torque recommendations: 15 - 20 Ncm (2mm Platform)

Picture Item # Description Gingival Height (MM) Subcrestal (MM)
Picture of CS400005.H/2Pro CS400005.H/2Pro

0.5mm Cerec Mill Abutment with 2mm Post

Picture of CS400015.H/2Pro CS400015.H/2Pro

1.5mm Cerec Mill Abutment with 2mm Post

Picture of 109007 109007

Scanbodies for Bluecam S

Picture of 109009 109009

Scanbodies for Omnicam S

Picture of ETS.K3Pro/2.Set ETS.K3Pro/2.Set

K3 Pro Screw 2mm, Set of 2