3mm Platform- Yellow

Ti-Base Abutment (CGV)

  • Flexi-Base abutment is a Ti-Base/Hybrid type abutment with titanium nitride coating on the top, customizable by milling or by hand, and not castable
  • It is an extra-long abutment (10mm) which can be individually shortened (to a minium 4mm), even during the CAD modeling stage
  • The abutment is available only in a 0° angulation and is intended for the implementation of single-tooth abutments and restorations
  • Variable:
    Available in various gingival heights
    (GH) 0.5 - 1.5 mm
  • Torque recommendations: 25 - 30 Ncm (3mm Platform)


Picture Item # Description Angulation Gingival Height (MM)
Picture of CG.V0005.H/3Pro CG.V0005.H/3Pro

K3Pro Variobase 0.5mm 0° 3mm Post – Titanium Nitrade Coated 

Picture of CG.V0015.H/3Pro CG.V0015.H/3Pro

K3Pro Variobase 1.5mm 0° 3mm Post – Titanium Nitrade Coated 

Picture of ETS.K3Pro/3.Set ETS.K3Pro/3.Set

K3 Pro Screw 3mm, Set of 2