3mm Platform- Yellow

Finder Abutments (FLA)

  • Removable overdenture restoration abutment
  • 1.5° conical connection for bacterial sealed connection with bone- and 
  • Finder Insert Caps: inserts with various retentions
  • Abutments may not be changed, milled or prepped
  • Only for splinted prosthesis and not to be used in single tooth restorations
  • Abutment screw is already integrated in the following items:
    FLA05000+NH/3, FLA15000+NH/3, FLA25000+NH/3, FLA35000+NH/3 and
  • Torque Recommendations: 25 - 30 Ncm (3mm Platform)
Picture Item # Description Angulation Gingival Height (MM) Retention Pounds
Picture of FLA05000+NH/3 FLA05000+NH/3

0.5mm Finder Abutment with 3mm Post

Picture of FLA15000+NH/3 FLA15000+NH/3

1.5mm Finder Abutment with 3mm Post

Picture of FLA25000+NH/3 FLA25000+NH/3

2.5mm Finder Abutment with 3mm Post

Picture of FLA35000+NH/3 FLA35000+NH/3

3.5mm Finder Abutment with 3mm Post

Picture of FLA45000+NH/3 FLA45000+NH/3

4.5mm Finder Abutment with 3mm Post

Picture of ETS.K3Pro/3.Set ETS.K3Pro/3.Set

K3 Pro Screw 3mm, Set of 2

Picture of FLA_01 FLA_01

Finder Abutment Analog

Picture of FLC_01 FLC_01

Finder Transfer Coping

Picture of FLCI_01 FLCI_01

Finder Core Instrument

Picture of FLCS_01 FLCS_01

Finder Chairside Set with Coping and Ring Set

Picture of FLCS_02 FLCS_02

Finder Chairside Set (Extended)

Picture of FLR_01/Set FLR_01/Set

Finder Insert (clear), 2 pieces

5 lbs.
Picture of FLR_02/Set FLR_02/Set

Finder Insert (pink), 2 pieces

3 lbs.
Picture of FLR_03/Set FLR_03/Set

Finder Insert (blue), 2 pieces

1.5 lbs
Picture of FLR_04/Set FLR_04/Set

Finder Insert (green), 2 pieces

4 lbs.
Picture of FLR_05/Set FLR_05/Set

Finder Insert (orange), 2 pieces

2 lbs.
Picture of FLR_06/Set FLR_06/Set

Finder Insert (red), 2 pieces

1 lb.
Picture of FLR_07/Set FLR_07/Set

Finder Insert (black), 2 pieces

1 lb.
Picture of FLR_08/Set FLR_08/Set

Finder Block-Out Spacer, 2 pieces

Picture of FLWE_k FLWE_k

Finder Contra-angle Inserter Short

Picture of FLWE_L FLWE_L

Finder Contra-angle Inserter Long